THE NINES bitters include: roots , peels, herbs and leaves, and blossoms and fruits – 27 natural vegetative ingredients in total.

THE NINES Sea Buckthorn

With its pleasant  aroma, THE NINES Sea Buckthorn is a limited edition beverage made from an infusion of northern sea buckthorn juice and 27 herbs.
Produced according to a recipe developed by the specialists at Stumbras, its rich, sweet-tart flavour unfolds with tones of sea buckthorn, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and dried fruit.
We recommend serving this beverage:
Neat or mixed with hot black tea.
To make cocktails: 40 ml THE NINES Sea Buckthorn, 80 ml grapefruit juice, 50 ml carbonated mineral water, two sprigs of mint, ice. Put some ice in a glass. Add the cocktail ingredients and serve with a straw.


Made from 27 different plant blossoms, leaves, fruits and roots according to the original recipe. This is one of the most unique beverages manufactured in Lithuania, the secrets of whose origin lie in centuries past.

THE NINES Spicy brand has been granted protected geographical indication status by the European Union; the beverage has also earned Lithuanian culinary heritage status.

The beverage is produced with ginger, anise, black and red peppers, rhubarb, angelica, nutmeg, cardamom and other ingredients which combine to create its rich aroma and a bittersweet taste.

THE NINES Spicy is traditionally served neat in shot glasses. It can also be mixed with various types of juice and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


THE NINES Sweet is made from a balanced mixture of 27 plant blossoms, leaves, fruits and roots according to a recipe perfected by the specialists at STUMBRAS. The beverage features a bouquet of anise, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon and orange peel, cloves, raisins and coffee beans.

During production, THE NINES Sweet is stored for a certain period of time in barrels so that the flavors of all of the ingredients have time to intertwine into a whole and the beverage can take on its distinctive, mildly bittersweet taste and unique color.

THE NINES Sweet  bitters can be consumed chilled or on the rocks. It can also be mixed with other beverages to make cocktails.


THE NINES Citrus boasts the added flavor of oranges and lemons. These citrus fruits blend with the abundance of herbs and spices in the beverage, revealing its exotic taste and velvety aroma.

This beverage is delicious on the rocks. THE NINES Citrus is also a priceless ingredient for cocktails – we recommend mixing it with orange juice for a real treat.

Ginger NINES

This beverage is made from a balanced infusion of lemon, ginger, and 27 plant blossoms, leaves and fruits according to a special recipe created by the specialists at STUMBRAS.

Before being bottled, Ginger NINES is stored for several days in special barrels where the flavors of all of the ingredients intertwine into an indivisible whole to create a distinctive beverage – one which combines the spicy, tangy flavor of ginger and lemon with a piquant herbal aftertaste and a rich aroma.

We recommend serving this beverage straight and chilled, or mixed with one of hot teas. Recomended cocktail –  mixing equal parts Ginger NINES, Sprite and cranberry juice.

New. Sea buckthorn flavour secret

January 31, 2018

New product from 'Stumbras' factory - THE NINES Sea buckthorn.



October 26, 2017

New product - Imperial XII Maple.



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